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The topic of veneers is so popular that many questions arises about how to choose them correctly, From what age can you wear, how long they last?. Here is the physiology of teeth, food consumed, hygiene procedures are important here. But the material from which the veneers are made is also important. Here is the features of the different types of veneers:

Classic Veneers – Can be produced in two ways: By layer over layer ceramics or by pressing. Such veneers look very natural, resistant to dyeing and load. The only disadvantage of them is that when installation requires dental enamel dissection to a large thickness, as the construction itself is quite thick – approximately 0,4mm. The shelf life of such products is 10-12 years.

Durasin Veneers – Have the longest service life: The structure and color are also similar to natural teeth. Durasin veneers have high biocompatibility, strength despite the light weight. THeir cost is slightly higher than the previous option, but with proper oral care, the service life of zirconia products can reach more than 25 years! Therefore, when you are interested in clinics about veneers, be sure to specify which veneers are used. And which option of veneers suits you best.

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